The concept of theoretical return to the player ( Payback ) is a central theme for anyone wishing to approach the world of slot machines, as it allows us to understand the great difference in the offer of games.

We have already told you that the difference between online slots and those that you can find in bars is very considerable, more than 20%, but now it’s time to go and see in detail how the return to player mechanism works.

The Importance Of Payback

The slot machines that you can find in bars have a return to the player of around 70% (and most likely this figure is destined to drop due to the legislative changes coming by the end of 2017), while online it is not difficult. find slots with Payback of almost 98%.

What Is The Theoretical Percentage Of Return (Pay Back)?

The Payback is the percentage of bets that a slots will pay out as winnings within a certain number of game sessions and to ensure compliance with this legal requirement is mandatory for manufacturers to insert a chip in the software used for this function.

How The Payback Is Calculated

The Payback is calculated on a very high number of plays (in total 140,000 hands ), which obviously no player can reach during a single session, therefore the prospect that if you insert 1000 euros into the slot it will return 970 is illusory, sometimes the player will win, other times he will lose.

The chip responsible for ensuring compliance with the percentage of return to the player records how many credits are inserted into the slot and generally the games that offer a higher payback percentage are those that have a larger Coin Size.

Stopwin / Stoploss

These aspects should have made it clear that slots are a reliable game, which can offer a lot of entertainment, but which must never turn into a trap capable of swallowing all your savings.

As usual, play with awareness, setting a maximum winning limit ( StopWin ) and a maximum loss ( Stoploss ), both of which are adequately parameterized to your finances.

The world of slots is incredibly varied and if you manage to get inside its operating mechanisms it is not impossible to aspire to win one of the fantastic Progressive Jackpots , as long as you invest a reasonable number of hours of play and not exorbitant sums compared to your own. possibility.

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